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Car Net Pocket Handbag Holder is designed to help you store extra items like handbags, documents, phones, groceries or any valuable items that you need most to keep them organize and easy to reach.

SIMPLE BUT PRACTICAL – Just mount on the gap between 2 front seats with 2 adjustable straps. Keep your items securely inside the holder and never fall off your luxurious handbags from car seat during driving. 

Made from high-quality flexible, lightweight mesh material. Clean & accessible design saves much space of your back passenger seats.


Extra Car Storage Space
Make full use of the gap
 between front seats and transform it as your extra storage! Store extra items like handbags, documents, phones, groceries or any valuable items instead of placing them on car seats/under your feet. Stretchable to fit any gap and work for various car models.

Safe Driving
Reduce distraction 
by providing easier, fixed access to your purse contents without taking your eyes off the road.

Disturb-free Barrier
Made from thickened polyester mesh & oxford cloth with strong flexibility, not easy to get deformed. Perfectly serve as a protective barrier that prevent naughty pets/kids in the back seats from disturbing your daily drives.

Simple Installation
No drilling or gluing required. Take less than a minute to secure velcro under console armrest and attach 2 flexible straps to headrests, and here you go!

Fits for Standard Armrests
Mostly compatible with front opening armrest boxes. Only not compatible with side opening / middle opening / without armrest boxes.


Material: Oxford cloth, Mesh

Model: Standard / Advanced

Color: Black / Red

Size: 11.5 cm x 40 cm x 26cm


1 x Car Net Pocket Handbag Holder

Customer Review

Angela S

“AwesomeIt’s a good product. I’m happy I no longer need to put my purses on the floor.”

wendy G

“if you hate having passengers just because you have no where to put your purse this product rocks loving it”


“Love this product! Was very easy to install and my husband can sit comfortable in my car without me having him hold my purse lol”


“I bought this because I don’t like putting my purse in the floor board or the backseat when I have a passenger. I love it! It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing solution but after having it I don’t even care. I use it every time I drive my Jeep. It’s one of those things you never knew you needed until you have it. I would definitely recommend!”

Silmary Quinones

“Haven’t gotten to test it as I’m off today, but it’s really easy to install and looks to have quite a bit of room. All in all, extra space that I need driving a Ford Focus”


“A great quality product I wish I had found forever ago. No more of my purse spilling out over the seat, nor muddy footprints. It is a great space saver and makes getting your purse so much easier. The kids love the extra pocket on the back for storing their stuff.”

Samantha Pernett

“purse pocketI love having a place to put my purse when I have a passenger”

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